Welcome to the CEST’2017(FIC)


The Fall International Colloquium on Current Economic and Social Topics

  • Entrepreneurship & Innovations,
  • Financial & Capital Markets,
  • Globalization, Integration & Convergence,
  • Labor Markets & Diversities,
  • Pension Systems & Pension Schemes Reforming,
  • Socio-Economic Growth,
  • more...
Venue: Madrid/Spain - IEB Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles (Institute of Stock Exchange Studies)
Date: October 27-30, 2017
Language: English

The Colloquium is organized by the Current Economic & Social Topics International Research Association CESTiRA and the International Research Team with the grant from the Polish National Science Centre, in frame of NSC project No 2015/17/B/HS4/00930 under agreement and cooperation with Local Supporting Bodies.



On-line registration is obligatory!

To register for the Colloquium please login to the system and complete the On-line Fees & Services Form or send an e-mail to: cestira.office@gmail.com with your application and transfer the fee to the CESTIRA account 25 1750 0012 0000 0000 3443 2228 in Raiffeisen Polbank SA, Poland, BIC/Swift code: RCBWPLPW. Cash payment is acceptable.

Delegates will be officially registered upon receipt of this form and the appropriate Colloquium dues.

Participation: Listening to the conference presentations is free of charge.
However, registered participants have to pay a registration fee for access to the conference services.
A variety of conference packages is available at different prices: 250€, 350€ and 150€ as well.
Please check section "Deadline and Fees" for details.
Deadline: Regular registration deadline - to be on the list of participants - is 20 October 2017.
Please check section "Deadline and Fees" for details.


You can download full CEST'2017(FIC) conference programme here.

Organisers, Committee, Board

Edward C. Prescott, ASU W.P. Carey School of Business (USA) CEST2015 Honorary Chairman

Scientific Committee

  • Dorota Witkowska, the Co-Chair, University of Lodz, CESTiRA President (Poland)
  • Jose Maria Montero Lorenzo - the Co-Chair, University of Castilla - La Mancha (Spain), CESTiRA Supreme Executive Committee Vice-President
  • Nicholas Apergis, University of Piraeus (Greece)
  • Bolesław Borkowski, Warsaw University of Life Sciences (Poland)
  • Janusz Brzeszczyński, Newcastle Business School (UK)
  • Gema Fernández-Avilés, University of Castilla-La Mancha, at Toledo (Spain)
  • Robert W. Dimand, BrokU (Canada)
  • Małgorzata Doman, Poznań University of Economics & Business (Poland)
  • Jennifer Foo, Statson University (USA)
  • Jerzy Gajdka, University of Łódź (Polska)
  • Stanisław Gędek, Rzeszow University of Technology (Poland)
  • Elżbieta Gołata, Poznań University of Economics & Business (Poland)
  • Marek Gruszczyński, Warsaw School of Economics (Poland)
  • Jan Jeżak, University of Łódź (Poland)
  • Barbara Liberda, University of Warsaw (Poland)
  • Stephan Klasen, Georg-August-University, Göttingen (Germany)
  • Nikola Milovic, Faculty of Economics, University of Montenegro, Podgorica (Montenegro)
  • Fatmir Memaj, University of Tirana, ASET President (Albania), CESTIRA Supreme Executive Committee
  • Paweł Miłobędzki, University of Gdansk (Poland)
  • Joanicjusz Nazarko, Białystok Technical University (Poland)
  • Kesra Nermend, University of Szczecin (Poland)
  • Krzysztof Piasecki, Poznań University of Economics & Business (Poland)
  • Jerzy Różański, University of Łódź (Poland)
  • Yochanan Shachmurove, The City College of New York (USA), CESTiRA Supreme Executive Committee Vice-President
  • Anna Shostya, PACE University (USA)
  • Waldemar Tarczyński, University of Szczecin, CESTiRA Vice-President (Poland)
  • Grażyna Trzpiot, University of Economics in Katowice (Poland)
  • Anne Quingyao Wan, Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance (China)
  • Dariusz Zarzecki, University of Szczecin (Poland)

Program Committee

  • Dorota Witkowska, the Co-Chair, University of Lodz, CESTiRA President (Poland)
  • Jose Maria Montero Lorenzo - the Co-Chair, University of Castilla - La Mancha (Spain)
  • Ryszard Doman - Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań (Poland)
  • Iwona Foryś - University of Szczecin (Poland)
  • Krzysztof Kompa - CEST'2017(FIC) CEO
  • Mijat Jacovic, Faculty of Economics, University of Montenegro, Podgorica (Montenegro)
  • Ewa Rumińska-Zimny -President of the International Forum of Women in Science and Business
  • Małgorzata Tarczyńska-Łuniewska, University of Szczecin (Poland)
  • Anna Zamojska, University of Gdansk (Poland)

Board of Editors

  • Prof. Dorota Witkowska - the Chair (International Atlantic Economic Research)
  • Prof. Yuriy Bilan (Journal of International Studies, Journal Economics and Sociology
  • Prof. Bolesław Borkowski (Quantitative Methods in Economics)
  • Prof. Jacek Batóg (Folia Economica Stetinensia, Oeconomia)
  • Prof. Veselin Draskovic (Montenegrin Journal of Economics)
  • Prof. Józef Dziechciarz (Econometrics)
  • José António Filipe (Internationa Journal of Latest Trends in Finance and Economic Sciences)
  • Prof. Joanna Górka (Acta Universitatis Nicolai Copernici)
  • Prof. José Maria Montero Lorenzo (IEB International Journal of Finance)
  • Prof. Magdalena Osińska (Przegląd Statystyczny)
  • Prof. Mariola Piłatowska (Dynamic Econometric Models)
  • Prof. Janina Sawicka (Acta Stientiarum Polonorum, Oeconomia)
  • Prof. Marinko Skare (Economic Research-Ekonomska Istraživanja)

Organizing Committee

  • Jacek Brożyna, Rzeszow University of Technology (Poland)
  • Veselin Drakovic, Maritime Faculty Kotor, University of Montenegro, Podgorica (Montenegro)
  • Gema Fernández-Avilés, University of Castilla-La Mancha at Toledo (Spain)
  • Marta Hozer-Koćmiel - WINNET Liaison Officer
  • Krzysztof Kompa – the CEO, WULS-SGGW (Poland), CESTiRA Executive Vice-President
  • Grzegorz Mentel, Rzeszow University of Technology (Poland)
  • Michał Staszak, Allianz (Poland)

Abstract Preparation

For presenting authors submission of the abstract is obligatory! Abstract should clearly describe the most important results and conclusions of the problems being solved. Contributions will be accepted for presentations based on the quality of the submitted abstracts.

The following instructions of the abstract preparation apply:

  • abstract must be composed and submitted   on-line (copy/paste from your word processor is available) or send by e-mail to: cestira.office@gmail.com
  • length of the abstract body is limited to  2000 characters, including spaces and formattings
  • only Latin and Greek letters are recommended (special characters are also available)
  • simple equations can be inlined
  • give no heading information (title, authors, affiliations) in the abstract body
  • abstract is displayed in the final form in the browser ( WYSIWYG ) and must be verified/corrected by the author on-line as  it will be published as it is without any further edition by the organisers.

You can correct your abstract on-line at any time. Please refer to abstract composition manual for more details.


Duration of oral presentation, including discussion, is planned to be:

  • 45 minutes for plenary and invited talks and
  • 15 minutes for contributed talks.

For the oral presentations - the following equipment will be accessible:

  • laptops with Windows 7 or Windows 10 and Microsoft Office Power Point and we prefer presentations on CD or USB flash memory, if presenting author requires something else please contact  organisers
  • digital projector
  • an overhead projector for transparencies.


The maximum size for a poster is format A0 according to the ISO 216 (814mm x 1189mm). The poster board will be full white board. The posters should be displayed during the whole conference. It is mandatory that one of the authors is present at the poster sessions to ensure discussion about the poster that can be held with other participants.

Participants with posters are asked to place the poster sheets to the allotted board immediately after arriving to the conference. A group of organisers will provide help you in any matter and means. Bring your own materials that may be helpful while arranging your poster. Please note that  scotch tape is the proper thing and push-pins are not allowed!

The posters should be removed by Thursday evening, 29 thOctober , 2016. Otherwise it will be removed by the organisers after closing the conference. The poster sheets will be not returned and they can be damaged in this case.



The decision of the deadline and procedure of delivering full papers is made by the organisers of the Colloquim. 

The decision of which journals shall publish the colloquium proceedings will be made by the Colloquium Board of Editors. Submitted papers could be published in followig journals: 

Patrons, Partners and Sponsors

CESTiRA International Research Team granted by:
NSC Project No 2015/17/B/HS4/00930
UCLM aspelt

Deadlines and fees

All participants of CEST 2017(FIC) International Conference have to be on-line registered!

Listening to the conference presentations is free of charge; this form of participation also requires registration and it excludes access to the conference services such as workshops, sessions on the go in conference train, coffee breaks services, lunches & dinners, social events etc.

The authors, presenters, accompanying persons and other users of services provided by the Colloquium have to pay registration fee due to the ordered services. A variety of conference packages are available:

CEST 2017(FIC) services:

Package fee

Package specification

Colloquium package AM: 250 € FOR CESTiRA MEMBERS ONLY.
Admission to the Plenary Sessions, all parallel symposia and poster session, IT and multimedia equipment for presenting authors, Programme and CEST 2017 Book of Abstracts in on-line form (ISBN marked) CEST 2017 Proceedings (ISBN marked) with on-line maintenance (this does not apply for students), Review of provided abstracts and papers, Participation in workshops and trainings, Conference Kit & Badge (includes: coffee-breaks and gala dinner; does not include: meals, accomodation, networking, social & touristic events)
Colloquium package AnM: 350 € The Colloquium fee for non-members of CESTiRA
AM package equivalent.
Colloquium package C: 150 € If offered for accompanied persons and covers coffee-breaks and ceremonial dinner.


IEB Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles (Institute of Stock Exchange Studies)

C/ Alfonso XI, nº 6, 28014 Madrid, Spain


University of Castile-La Mancha at Toledo

Cobertizo S.Pedro Mártir S/N. 45071 Toledo (Spain)



The choice of the hotel is left to the participants’ decisions


Conference General Chair

Conference CEO

CESTIRA/WINNET Liaison Officer

Conference E-mail: cestira.office@gmail.com

postal address:
Current Economic & Social Topics International Research Association
Prof. Dorota Witkowska, University of Lodz
22/26 Matejki St., 90-237 Lodz, Poland
phone + 48 42 635 52 22
+ 48 42 635 52 32
fax: + 48 42 635 53 05